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This is where you can preorder the upcoming book, frameworks, reports, and other merchandise tied to The TCO Method™.

We’re still waiting on the US Patent & Trademark Office on the 2nd round of applications we submitted for The TCO Method™, and this delay has pushed the publishing of the book and other physical materials out to 2024.  

The manuscript needs to be formatted and edited, but we expect an advance version to be ready in Q4, 2023.  

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The TCO Method™

Massively Increase Your Net Operating Income™

By using the lens of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when analyzing real estate operations, I’ve been able to add millions of dollars in additional Net Operating Income (NOI) and tens of millions of dollars in additional asset value through improvements in process, standards and systems.

By shifting the focus away from immediate, short-term gains typical in most operations, I’ve been able to generate more a more transparent and sustainable Return on Investment for my clients that reduces operating costs across multiple lines of their P&L.

The TCO Method™ reveals the strategies, tactics, systems and standards I use when working with owners and operators of commercial real estate to find and create efficiencies, negotiate vendor relationships,  develop specifications & operating procedures and more.

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Product Evaluation Sheets - 2023

A comprehensive checklist and information to help qualify the Total Cost of Ownership for MRO or CapEx products for your property to see what products REALLY cost you after they are installed.

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