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Are you a real estate industry veteran with experience adding Net Operating Income, improving Return On Investment, or helping investors and owners keep more of the money they make? 

We’d love you to be a guest on the show! 

Our new Saturday Special series of guest interviews will bring first-hand experience from owners, operators, and service providers that they can share with the audience to help them take action and start improving their NOI right away.

If you specialize in things like asset management, value-add projects, risk management, compliance, procurement, cost avoidance or provide services that can help our listeners move the needle and prepare to scale their businesses, we’d love to hear your story and about what you do.

Fill out the form below to book your interview time, we plan to release at least two interview episodes per month on Saturday mornings.

Andy McQuade Sitting & Smiling at the camera
Andy McQuade on a couch next to the podcast logo

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